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Service Learning Opportunities

Currently, we are offering service learning opportunities for the building of a greenhouse in Cary, NC and for camp counselors in the annual summer camp NatureWay hosted by SEEC. Contact us for more information.

Service learning first-hand is one of the best ways for youth to understand core issues affecting the environment. SEEC offers ample opportunities for community members of all ages to gain valuable perspectives from environmental service and, of course, to benefit their own communities. We have focused on building pollinator gardens in the Triangle to create more natural habitats for pollinators like butterflies and bees, which are not only important to our ecosystems, but also contribute to the production of 70% of crops in our economy! We have also offered service learning opportunities through our annual summer youth camp as well as through assisting in community projects, such as the annual Carolina Campus Community Garden and Chapel Hill High School Green Tigers Garden. As part of our fellowship program, we are also willing to provide seed funding for novel project ideas that youth volunteers bring to us. Contact us to see whether grants from SEEC are currently available or to gain help from Vincent Xia with successfully applying for grants. 

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