SEEC Weekly

SEEC Weekly is our first video series project! We welcome anyone to submit:

1) A specific question you have about a topic relating to the environment.


2) An environmental concept you would like to know more about.


The SEEC board members will be responding to the submissions in a quick, informative video format, and the videos will be posted weekly on this webpage and our Instagram and Facebook @ncseec. 

If you would like to contribute to SEEC Weekly, please click below to access the Google Form!

"Why is it good to compost?"

Ainsley Ogletree, 8/1/2020

"What's being done about the trash in our oceans?"

Jamie Wenzel, 8/8/2020

"What impact will melting permafrost have on the environment?"

Jessica Liu, 8/15/2020

"How does climate change affect coral reefs?"

Ainsley Ogletree, 8/22/2020

Photography by Sahil Sethi, Lucy Grossmann, and others
©2020 by SEEC