SEEC Arts Competition

Mission: This competition offers students an opportunity to showcase their work about environmental science and activism. Participants can submit their interpretations of "what does nature means to you" in the form of visual arts, photography, or poetry. We hope to inspire students to learn more about the environment and take initiative in impacting their community.

Here are the rules:

  1. The piece of work must be related to environmental education, science, or activism.

  2. This competition is open for all students (must be submitted in English).

  3. This competition is open to all NC students.

  4. If you did not win an award, we will not contact you (we will also be posting winners online).

  5. Judges will contain North Carolina School of Science and Math & university educators.

  6. Work will not be accepted if it has one’s name on it. Name can only be entered on form of submission.

Submission date: Feb 29, 2020

If you have any questions, please email us at!

Sea Turtle
Misty Slopes
Sandy Beach

2020 Winners

Thank you for everyone who participated in the 2020 SEEC Arts Competition. Featured below are the winners for poetry, visual arts, and photography!


Pastoral for the Violently Afraid - Isabel Hardwig


Moroccan Morning

Carter Sinclair

Visual Arts

The World Around Us

Victoria Wlosok

2018 Winners

Winners have been notified and sent their awards. Due to many winners' requests to not publish their work, we are only publishing a few works. However, the top photographs are displayed below. Thank you so much for participating in the 2018 SEEC Writing and Photography Competition, and we hope to see more applicants and submissions next year!

3rd Place Prose - Roman Raies

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Photography by Sahil Sethi, Lucy Grossmann, and others
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