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NatureWay is a summer camp for elementary school kids to learn about topics relating to environmental science, climate change, and sustainability.

This year, NatureWay is going virtual! Click below for more information.


SEEC Arts Competition

The 2021 competition is officially closed. Results and winners can be found here.

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Environmental Mentorship

SEEC participates in tutoring elementary students about environmental science and activism at E.K. Powe Elementary School. Educators are currently creating a standard curriculum to expand to other nearby elementary schools.

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SEEC Weekly

SEEC Weekly is our new educational video series project! We are answering YOUR questions about the environment in a concise video format.

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Environmental Essay Contest

The first 2020 annual environmental essay contest is now open! Check out the prompts and write a short essay discussing environmental justice or sustainability!

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Environmental Policy Initiatives

SEEC has been partnering with bipartisan organizations to help plan and host events revolving environmental policy initiatives

NCSSM Branch Events

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TerraCycling is a new initiative SEEC has implemented at the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics to reduce wastage and find alternative methods for recycling!


Field Day

Field Day promotes environmental awareness among students with fun and engaging activities such as trivia, painting pots, and raffles.


Compostable Gift Wrapping

During holiday seasons, NCSSM holds sustainable gift wrapping sessions for students.

Online Publications

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SEEC has started releasing newsletters to update the public on current events and projects occurring.



SEEC's blog represents our perspective on current events and projects we are hosting.


Past Programs

SEEC has coordinated and planned multiple events, partnering with organizations like Dogwood Alliance. Currently, SEEC is working to create a greenhouse in Cary, NC. SEEC has multiple past projects that display our mission.

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