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The NCSSM branch of SEEC created the Student Environmental Education Podcast. "SEEP" released podcasts about environmental issues that particularly occur in NC, such as overpopulation, water pollution, and invasive species.

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Call-In Day to Governor Cooper

On September 26, 2017, hundreds of students at NCSSM participated in the NCSSM SEEC branch event of calling Governor Cooper's office in order to demand that he revoke Enviva's permit to build another pellet mill in Richmond County. This wood pellet mill would result in the mill clearcutting nearly 50 acres of forest a day, while releasing harmful air pollutants that would devestate the local community's health. After seeing how past natural disasters can be more damaging due to climate change, it is important for us to take a stand to harmful actions against the environment. Governor Cooper has promised to uphold the Paris Climate Agreement created by the UN, and in order to do so, it is necessary to help prevent environmental injustices we see occurring in North Carolina. Enviva received their permit for building the wood pellet mill without a public hearing, completely disregarding the opinion of the community that will be impacted, and there is a current lawsuit challenging the permit. SEEC partnered with Dogwood Alliance for this event.

Colloquium Series

SEEC hosted a popular environmental colloquium series, in which renowned environmental scholars and leaders visit the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics to present research, speak about their particular experiences, and inspire students. This was a great opportunity for young adults to become exposed to the interdisciplinary field of environmental science and obtain career advice from leading environmentalists. Our colloquium series were open to the public.

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