Our mission is to promote environmental literacy by empowering youth to become environmental leaders.

Why We Care


As the human population continues to grow, the global issue of climate change becomes ever more daunting. From the growing frequency of natural disasters to rising rates of asthma, combating the future’s major challenges requires us to understand and confront our increasingly complex effects on the Earth.

Headquartered in the American South, we’ve learned to specialize in navigating the undue politicization of environmental issues — and cutting across sticky partisan lines. Promoting natural science education to inspire the next generation of sustainability leaders is how we, as young people, will secure our future. We hope you’ll join us.


About Us

The Student Environmental Education Coalition (SEEC) was founded by Kenneth Xu while attending high school, after he realized that young people pay most attention to what other young people have to say. SEEC is a student-led 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization led by an 8-member board of directors composed entirely of North Carolinians.

Who We Are

We are fully committed to promoting diversity in all of its forms, through representation in both our leadership and the populations that we serve. SEEC is an entirely youth-run organization whose board members hail from all over North Carolina. These unique students bring backgrounds ranging from marine science to environmental justice. SEEC is especially grateful for the intersectional support it has received from organizations including — but not limited to — the Chapel-Hill Carrboro NAACP, United Church of Chapel Hill, El Centro Hispano, Triangle Nonprofit & Volunteer Leadership Center, North Carolina Office of Environmental Education & Public Affairs, Chapel Hill Public Library, North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, Walt Disney Company, Chipotle Mexican Grill, and Youth Service America.

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