Current Board


Ahmer Siddique

Executive Director

Hey, I’m Ahmer Siddique and I’ll be SEEC’s Executive Director for the 22-23 school year. I’ve always had a connection to nature, one that has been deepened by my experience with environmentalism and sustainability. I joined SEEC because I think it’s one of the best shots we have about changing the outcome we often feel so apathetic towards. Through cooperation and education, I believe we can have a real impact; and maybe have some fun along the way.

My plans for next year include expanding the range and engagement of SEEC activities, promoting more ways of sustainable living, and establishing stronger relationships between branches.

Advisory Board


Kenneth Xu

Founder & First Executive Director (2016)

I founded SEEC after I realized how little control young people had over the future of our environment — none of us were even old enough to vote when we first started out. SEEC provided a much-needed avenue to channel our passion for grassroots action. Now that I study & work in the sustainability field, I've realized that creating SEEC has been the greatest legacy we could have ever left in high school, and I look forward to advising the future work of promising environmental leaders.


Vincent Xia

2017-2018 Executive Director

After first joining SEEC as a counselor for NatureWay and seeing first-hand the benefits of environmental education, I dedicated myself to the cause. Along with the board of directors, I now oversee, develop, and implement SEEC’s initiatives, making it my own personal mission to ensure that everyone I meets is aware of their consequences on the environment. I remain hopeful in spite of the daunting global issue of climate change, and will never stop fighting for what’s right.

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Jack Miklaucic

2018-2019 Executive Director

I joined SEEC because I am passionate about protecting fragile ecosystems and want to do what I can to ensure a sustainable future. The responsibility of saving the planet has fallen to my generation and to future generations, and participating in environmental education initiatives gives me faith that the world is in good hands. Through a combination of personal changes and cooperative advocacy with organizations like SEEC, I hope that I can do my part to ensure a better future for my children.


Dalia Segal-Miller

2019-2020 Executive Director

I believe promoting environmental advocacy and literacy is important because the climate crisis has reached its tipping point; it is no longer enough to post pictures of nature for Earth Day or share hashtags on Facebook. I joined SEEC because it gave me the opportunity to really make a difference, whether through teaching elementary school students about climate change, hosting a Green New Deal panel for high school students, or taking legislation to local government.

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Ainsley Ogletree

2020-2021 Executive Director

We live in a world where climate change is already exceeding previous scientific expectations, where people of color and socioeconomic disadvantage are facing environmental injustices, and where nature’s biodiversity is undergoing extreme degradation. I joined SEEC because I have a firm belief that today’s young people will be the ones to truly effect positive environmental change as we strive to ensure that Earth remains a habitable home in the future. I love having the opportunity to work with an outstanding team of students as we do what we can to improve environmental literacy amongst youth because it is so important, now more than ever, that environmental education is prioritized in society.