Environmental Essay Contest

SEEC is holding the first annual environmental essay competition on the topics of sustainability and environmental justice! This competition is mainly open to high school students. From the THREE provided prompts, participants can choose ONE to write a 300-500 words short essay on.


Winner for each prompt will be featured on the SEEC website and earn a $10 gift card.

Submission Due Date: June 30, 2020

Submission form

Prompt 1

How would you make the move-out or move-in process for NCSSM or college be sustainable? Would you specifically buy environmentally-friendly alternatives or is there something else you would do?

Prompt 2

How could we be more sustainable during this pandemic? Is there any way we can make equipment such as masks or syringes more eco-friendly?

Prompt 3

Write about an issue related to environmental justice that you have experienced first-hand in your community. How does this affect your daily life, and what possible solutions can you think of to address this issue or mitigate its effects?

Feel free to email contact@ncseec.org for any questions!